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The Cost of Free Healthcare:

Originally Posted by UNO_RIDER View Post
Sorry to hear of your accident. You’re well on your way to recovery!

Not to change the subject, but that looks like some great surgical work. Nice 3-D x-ray too. Can you please remind the US folks how much your surgery was? Do you need insurance to pay for it? Are you going to be responsible for an insurance deductible?

In the US a procedure like that would cost about $30,000 or so US Dollars.
Looks like a rider from Belgium would pay approximately the following for his health insurance:

50% Income Tax if earning above 35,060 euros

Regional Income Tax of 0-8.5%

Value Added Tax (Not sure which one this would have been for a motorcycle): 21% for most items, 6% for transportation.

Gasoline (not sure % tax): ~$5.91 per gallon in US Dollars

Glad to hear that the rider is ok, and that the pins come out soon. Heal fast, and beware of those train tracks! I slid around on some tracks like that in Portland, OR where the public transportation rails run right down the middle of lanes of traffic. Pretty sketchy when you have to change lanes in the rain...
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