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Originally Posted by SnoDrtRider View Post
I'll get this thread even more wound up
+1, since I can do nothing right in the OP's opinion.

Motul 800 full-synthetic at 80:1 in my 314 and 315 Montesas, and an "Eyeball-Rite" mix of 50:1 in the Team TY80. By "Eyeball-Rite" I mean that I pour the Motul out of the bottle into the TY's fuel tank at what I think will make a 50:1 mixture when I add in the already made pre-mixed 80:1 fuel from the 315's fuel can. I'm simply too damn lazy to mix up two separate cans of fuel for a Trials weekend. Been doing it for 3 years now, with no problems so far. Not yet anyway. I did take a peek at the piston through the intake and exhaust ports, no piston scratches noted as of last week. Very important, since the Team TY has to be in TOP SHAPE to take on some NMTA interlopers who have purchased a TY80 and assembled a rag-tag team of wannabes who's greatest desire is to try to horn in on the League's superior accomplishments. Good luck boys, looking forward to the challenge!!

Hijack over. More to come on another thread. Back to the discussion at hand....
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