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Blue Ridge Cycle Camp sit just off of route 276. 276 is one of those great roads that cross the BRP. IMO, those roads are often better than the BRP itself. 276 is one of those roads but I restrained myself this morning since it was wet from the rain. Then I got on the BRP and headed North. It was cold and gloomy so I was wearing my rain suit to stay warm and dry. I was really second guessing myself on my decision to wear my mesh riding gear. I also decided that not bring much in the way of warm clothes was dumb as I could have used a sweat shirt last night. I decided to stop in Asheville and find a Wally World and try to pick up a cheap sweatshirt and something to wear under my mesh pants.
The BRP was a pleasant ride with the weather alternating between sunny and cloudy with occasional light rain. I exited the BRP near Asheville and stopped for gas. Although my Aprilia normally gets around 75 MPG, it only has a 2.4 gallon tank so I have to get gas more often than I would like. Additionally, the gas tank filler is under the seat so I have to remove the bag on the seat to get to it. What a PITA.

After filling up with a whopping 2 gallons or less, I got directions to the nearest Wally World which was only a few miles away. Is it possible to be more than 10 miles from a Wally World in in city in the USA???

Anyway, I found some nylon wind pants and a nice long sleeve shirt on the clearance rack and only spent $10 for both. When it was time to get back to the BRP I didn't feel like retracing my route so I pointed my scooter in what looked like a good direction and rode off. At time I have done this and ended up lost and going way out of way. This time it worked out and took me through an interesting part of town before getting me back on the road I originally exited the BRP on. Here's a couple of pics I took of Asheville:


Then it was back to the BRP.

An interesting tree:

Before this trip i had visions of just riding peacefully along the Parkway, enjoying the scenery. not worrying about the speed like I would on a bigger faster bike. The Aprilia is perfectly happy putting along a low speeds but I still prefer going fast enough to lean a little in the curves. I have found that 45-50 MPH seems to be a good speed for me on the parkway. It's fast enough to enjoy the curves but not fast enough to attract the attention of the rangers. Unfortunately, most of the cages prefer to go 40 and then slow down for the curves. Some go even slower and I got stuck behind on cage pulling a trailer just poking along at 30. There was a lot of traffic on the BRP today and I soon got bored. When I got to route 80, I exited and headed south. I stopped to take one pic and then had a blast riding the curves. There was a lot of traffic coming the other way but i had a clean run most of the way down
One of the curves near the top:

I didn't want to deal with all the traffic going back so I took a couple of lefts and ended up on 226a which goes back to the BRP at Little Switzerland. 226a is a great road and I encountered no traffic
Looking back on the trip, it may have been the most fun stretch of road on the trip.

I stopped for lunch in little Switzerland.

I have always thought this was a cool place.

I had a chef's salad for lunch. It was good but I had to wait forever to get it.
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