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Originally Posted by FPGT72 View Post
Those are a few of the reasons I just love this is so much fun to trash talk people, and it is fun, and frustrating to see how people respond to the fast scouts. I have seen half of my team do a 180 and chase after one.

One of the things I love to say after killing one is Pesky fly.

But some people seem to get really bent on is just a silly game people....and a free one at that.

Poking people with a stick....and getting poked is just all part of the fun.
I really don't mind if a couple guys from my my team try to swat those pesky t-50-2's and AMX's. Theres nothing worse than being in a TD or arty and having one jam you up and just pecking you to death with no team support. At that point I'll usually just exit the game and start a new one with a different tank.

It's too bad my crew can't pop out of their hatches and launch a few anti-tank rockets at those SOB's when that happens
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