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Here are the pics of the gear.

Knee of safety pant:

same from the side:

With the shell pant:

Elbow safety jacket:

Arm of shell:

So, that's the result. I'm not sure at which speed I got off, but I guesstimated it to 60-80 km/h when the cops asked. The bike sort of highsided with the front, so I was spit off upwards and slammed pretty good into the tarmac. Not sure how far I slid and rolled. The damage: a tiny bruise on my elbow, and today I've been a bit tender in the muscle on top of my arm. Nothing in my leg, nor in my shoulder.

I called Jofama today (being Swedish I could even understand their accent ). They said send pics to the repair dept and we'll see what can be done. To be honest, I'm not sure anything needs to be done. Amazing gear anyway, and I told them so.
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