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LC, I love to stand in places like the ridge you showed ,where clark stood deciding on which route to take. Thanks for posting your Lewis and Clark explorations! Great posts everyone!

A little more Dalton stuff. The Daltons had a sister who lived in Coffeyville and had lived there them selves for a time, they were in disguise when they rode into town but they were still recognized. They also had a sister that lived just southeast of Meade Kansas in far south west Kansas and is known as the Dalton Hideout, this home has a tunnel runing from the house to the barn. My great grand father homesteaded a few miles from this farm, my grandpa used to play in the old tunnel, but this was twenty years after Grat and Bob Dalton were killed, the sister was also gone by the time my grandpa grew up in the area. The old Dalton place just east of Meade Ks was a museum for years, I'm not sure if it's still open or not it does still show up on most Kansas maps.

Emmitt Dalton, after being released from prison.

Emmett's pistol belt, showing bullet strike, he was shot up pretty bad.

First national Bank safe, the First National burned, the Condon Bank is still standing.

First National's bullet riddled front doors. If you are ever in the south east part of Kansas stop at Coffeyville and go through the Dalton museum, well worth your time.

Bob Daltons saddle.

Bob Daltons property carried the day of the robbery.

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