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Originally Posted by GeckoRider View Post
I have a GPSMap 478 and while trying to send tracks over to the device from Basecamp the tracks would become full. So I would delete all tracks on the device using the device to do so (not seeing an option in Basecamp to do this). However as soon as I go to send the tracks again the device gives me the error message. I'd look after the transfer was done and there would be exactly the same tracks that I had deleted to clear the device up.

I deleted any trace in Basecamp that I could find of these tracks and tried to select only a small portion of the tracks I wanted to have on the device so it would not become full. I also went through the device and deleted the tracks, again. But when I do the transfer the exact same tracks from the very start were back on the device.

What am I missing? Please don't tell me Mapsource is the only way to fix this as I do not have access to the disk to install it.

Help! Thanks
First, you aren't giving us enough detail as to what you are doing when and where - in BaseCamp or on your 478.

I would recommend the following procedure:
1. Delete all tracks from your 478.
2. Then turn it off and then back on and make sure your track log is empty. If it is, connect the 478 to your computer.
3. Then start BaseCamp.
4. Since we don't know how you have your BC data organized, select 15 or fewer tracks that you want on the 478.
5. Now right-click on the selected tracks and direct it to the 478.

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