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Originally Posted by bigdave-gs View Post
You don't necessarily need more cc's to have plenty of HP and with a long stroke and a heavy flywheel you would have the low end torque needed for an Adventure bike capable of off roading. With a good trellis frame made from light weight chromalloy tubing and a light 750 V-Twin FI engine I think it could be done.
Yes you can, but that bike won't be a KTM, or at least not the bike some of us expect. LC8 (and RC8) are short-stroke engines, they love to rev, and that's one of the reasons we own one.
The LC8 engine puts an smile on our faces. On the other side, the Super Tenere 1200 engine (and XT660R and Tenere) is ... boring. More capable? maybe, but still boring.
I think I'm the kind of guy that thinks is fast but I'm not. I may be slow, but my 990 makes me believe I'm an awesome rider, able to control the furious LC8 and just I love that feeling. I don't need to be the fastest guy out there, I'm happy thinking I'm fast.
So...give me a 1090cc, 125 HP, same weight the current 990 has and I'll buy that bike.
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