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Ah, the DR, if there was ever a bike to not piss and moan about, that's it. And, really, one tonot brag about in the same respect. After having a couple dirt bikes as a young man, then staying off 2 wheels for a loooong time (not because I wasn't interested), I re-entered the modasickle world some years back. Given my locale and needs, I wanted the most universal dual sport I could find that would fit the bill and be cheap. Researched it to death. June of 2007, it happened.

An '03 with 2500 miles I brought home for 3300 bucks. Passenger cost me much more.

Coulda rode it forever stock. Didn't. The clunky suspension I moderately improved with Eibach springs for a couple hunnerd bucks. The motor I woke up with a Gixxer can, airbox holes and properly set Dynojet system. Few hunnerd more.

Put some big bars on risers, Screensforbikes, handguards and other little accessories on. Sargent seat the day they came out. Recently went to Wolfman side racks (awesome quality) and Seahorses.

It's not great at anything except doing everything good enough. In that respect it's great. No the suspension will never be really good. It's not going to make 55 smooth horsepower. The wind blows it around on the highway.

But I've explored 15,000 miles of Montana, Idaho and Washington on it with no intention of slowing down. I have 4 bikes in the garage now and this is just the go-to. I never, ever question whether it will start and go. There are no mysteries or unsolveabe gremlins in the system.

Yeah I could have a cool, expensive bike with great suspension and cutting edge technology. But I'm not really interested in fishing through the toolbox for a multi angle u-joint torx head extendable Austrian special order driver bit to reach the third chamber under the gas tank to drain the last quarter liter of oil to do a 2 hour fluid change.

I take out one bolt and drain it with the DR. I'm 51 and don't have time nor patience for headaches.

Yep, it's an 80% bike compared to the cutting edge. 80% the horsepower, suspension, quality, comfort, technology (maybe 60% there), yadda yadda. But it works, I don't bitch, it doesn't strand me, and a clutch lever doesn't cost 24 bucks because of a German pedigree.

I don't bitch, I don't brag, I don't piss and moan, I just ride the damn thing and it works.

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Evolution, or, natural selection, has nothing to do with better.

It merely weeds out what is no longer suitable for the given context.

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I would rather be on my motorcycle thinking about God than in church thinking about my motorcycle.
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