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The road to Hyder

Wanted to post this shot of the station at the bottom of 37, where it meets 16. It may not look like much but is important if you head this way.

This was a scenic church in Kitwanga:

And these totems, as it is a native village:

We woke on Friday, 6/15 in Kitwanga and headed up the Alaska Highway (has at least 3 other names) toward Stewart, BC, which Hyder is essentially a small arm of. As mentioned, both are at the end of a road that is about 120 miles in, and the same 120 miles out. At first it was more road through the woods as we headed north. The road then curves around to the west and back to the southwest as it passes Mezziadin Lake and the Glacier Highway splits off of 37.

The road became more fun and interesting after passing Meziadin Lake. Still the same good surface, but we suddenly came around a curve to this view:

And as we rode, the glacier covered mountains got bigger…

Until we came to the actual glaciers…

As I mentioned, logging and ore mining are big industry in these parts, so there as some of these to pass:

The road gets a bit narrow, which can make passing logging trucks “interestinger.” J

And if wet, which is common, I wouldn’t want to do the wooden bridges on a cruiser:

At the end of the raod is the Canadian town of Stewart:

And its’ one gas station, car repair, and hardware store. The folks working here were very friendly and used to seeing bikes come through:

Fill up here, as it’s another long 120 miles back to Kitwanga.

And this is finally the Canadian Customs post for leaving Hyder. Note that there is none to go into the US here. Of course the only two ways out of this US outpost are this road and a boat.

And here’s our destination, Hyder, Alaska. Winter population of about 60 and the most southeast tip of the State, closest to the lower 48.

First thing we saw were two guys with BMW GS bikes and one was working on his. It was a minor deal as he was gluing a broken peg back onto a side panel that broke as he was doing something electrical. hmmm

We got the shot that we came all this way for:

When Tim saw this, and added the ADV salute!

Lunch time:

Stop across the street for a Hyder sticker, buy some trinkets, and pet Diesel:

The road from Hyder to the glacier was closed for construction. The locals know who feeds the bears and then leaves a problem behind, according to them and the language of this sign.

Mailed a postcard from the Post Office:

Looking back to the town entry and Canadian Customs post:

And it was time to head back toward Kitwanga. This is Stewarts’ main street:

It was a chuckle to talk to the Canadian Customs agent. He’d only had a few other people come by that day and was happy to talk. He was curious if we were camping, as it was pretty clear that we had been, and asked if we’d come across many grizzly bear. Turns out that the bears are somewhat regulars in Stewart and Hyder.

Btw – we are currently in Litchfield, Illinois, waiting for a new countershaft sprocket for Tim’s Strom. The bike is now up to 41,000 miles and the last 10,000 miles have eaten the chain.

Have to get off this hotel computer.

Next – The road to Quesnel, BC.
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