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Originally Posted by bobnoxious67 View Post
You're gonna dictate what threads I'm allowed to see, read, and participate in now? Really?

And presume to have intimate knowledge of my experiences so far with my bikes?

Some of you DR650 guys sure do take yourselves too seriously

Don't worry, the 610 thread has some too...we just get over it and continue on our merry way

Welcome Bob.

You're a motorcycle guy and an ADV guy. I'll buy you a cold drink at the end of the ride and offer assistance if you need it.

And quite honestly, I couldn't care less what you ride as long as you like it.

.........and if you really think we are taking this thread too seriously, I invite you to go back and read the first post. I created this as the 'we don't take ourselves so seriously that we waste a week's worth of time publically griping and complaining thread'.

This is a public forum and all are welcome. Remember though, if you purposely poke the beehive, it pisses off the bees...........
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