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Originally Posted by pjcr12 View Post
We did use a lump of wood to hold the flywheel, because it most closely resembles what our heads are made worked well enough though, both on undoing those forking-tight flywheel bolts and then doing them up again afterwards, although I seem to remember we didn't go the whole hog of doing them up to the book-torque of a massive 105 have to leave a bit of room for creativity when wrenching, or the machines think they're better than the humans and that would never do.
Wooden brane bones indeed, but it worked, and that's what mattered :-) I don't recall exactly which NM/FtLllb figure we used, or if the threads were dry or oiled, but either way it was what was said in both the Clymer & Haynes, in that I recall we were fastidious in checking that. I just remember feeling very nervous as they approached the book torque, as we could really have done without them snapping.

As far as this current weeping rear crank seal/oil cover is concerned, I think it'll take a good couple of days work to get in, get it done, and get out again. 'Days' taken as in the universal measure of chatting/drinking tea/pointing etc.

Were I to get it done by the Dave I guess I'd be looking at dropping the engine out for delivery, in which case I seem to recall DBD getting a rear seal done for around 30 including parts? That rings a bell anyway. It would of course be the most sensible route, but I've enough trouble raising the funds for a rear seal & oil cover O ring, let alone the labour costs of someone else doing it. Anyway I'm inclined to leave it for a while as it's only weeping/misting slightly so it can wait a bit, not least because the DMW is my only form of transport and I could do without being stuck off the the road...

I'm slightly inclined to deal with the rear wheel bearings first tho/ough, and to get the wheel balanced as that's the only real drawback to having recently changed the rear tire/yre myself. I got the tire/yre swap done easily enough, but I don't have the facility to balance it myself. Still, onwards & sideways

I'd be happy to take a bike from your aforementioned stock, but would it be possible to select one from your secret stash as pictured below?...

And now, back to sleep for a bit.

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