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Here is a link from a 2011 Maxi scooter shootout. Four riders, Three of them picked the Tmax, The fourth liked the Burgman because it was a big comfy couch.. or words to that effect.

Here are some quotes.

“The Yamaha TMAX was the clear winner of the day. Performance-wise, none of the other scooters came close"

"The TMAX proved itself to be very versatile and easily out-performed all the other scooters here in a variety of different manner; whether it’s freeway commuting, tight city navigating, or leisurely beach cruising'

" it’s not only quick, but agile as well, and it has a great set of brakes on it." You will have fun taking this scooter on day rides or just putting around town.

"Hands down the best of the bunch.”

"there’s no question the Yamaha destroys the competition."

" it's almost seems unfair; the others never stood a chance"

"When you have a properly quick little machine that handles like an entry-level sport-bike, can fit a human head under the seat will do stoppies on the brakes, and yet still features the convince of an automatic transmission, there’s no comparison."

This is more or less the feeling I came away with but while I agree with many of the things the poster above said, I don't think you have to push the limits and race around in order to experience the superior performance of the TMAX. You can feel it going 25mph and entering your first turn. Having said I also liked the Burgman for different reason.. The SilverWing, I kept for two months and sold it. Just did'nt do it for me.
My response was directed to the person who talked about the Swing and Burgman easily outperforming the TMAX. Not even almost.

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