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Just like my my first night of camping on this trip, I wasn't all that comfortable sleeping on my thin mattress. At least I was not cold this night. In exchange for a little discomfort I saved some money by not staying in a motel and also had the chance to meet some interesting people camping near me. First was a couple from PA. riding an SV1000 and Nighthawk 750. They were about half way through their trip and where going to head south to the BRP and then back to PA. Having 2 bikes and being able to share the load of camping gear between them they had a large tent and a real air mattress. It was nice having some fellow riders to talk to. I also met the couple camped right across from me. He husband had just retired from the Air Force reserve and they were on a road trip. They where in a Chevy Avalanche so they had plenty of room for camping stuff but there is no way they could enjoy the trip through the mountains as much as I did on my scooter.

Despite A less than perfect nights sleep, I got up reasonable rested and had a couple of granola bars for breakfast. Then I started my day's ride by having a blast riding 16 to Tazewell

Riding through Tazewell, I managed to miss a turn somewhere and ended up somewhat lost. Well, I wasn't totally lost, I just didn't know which way to go to get back on 16. I ended up on route 460 which is a major 4 lane highway. I stopped at a gas station and decided to get something to eat. It was a little late for breakfast but early for lunch so I compromised. A Pizza Pocket, sprite and some donuts hit the spot. Then a had to ask several people before I found someone who knew how to get to 16 north. Even those directions where a little of but the did eventually get me there.

16 heading north out of Tazewell was a nice, curvy scenic road that took my into West Virginia. In WVA, the mountains became more rugged and the road more twisty. I came down from a twisty pass to this:

Interesting name for a city. It is supposed to be the southernmost incorporated city in WVA. Based on what I saw I would consider it more of a town than a city but it was the larges city/town that I would see for a while. It was even large enough to have it's own Dollar General.

This looked like a rugged coal mining town but I still though it was scenic because of the way it was situated in this very rugged countryside.

This is definately not a tourist trap town but at least it did have a Hotel, the last one I would see for a while.

Some more pics of War.



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