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Originally Posted by Bueller View Post
Not true. There is no direct connection between a footpeg and a tire. A scraping peg is not an indication that you are going beyond the contact patch. It is only an indication that you are scraping a peg. For example, with 400 pounds on the bike the suspension will be so compressed that the peg will drag relatively early in terms of lean angle. A 120 pound rider would have a lot more available lean angle before the pegs touched, and would be significantly closer to the edge of the tire.

The footpegs on the tiger are hinged. When they touch they pivot upward. At 185 pounds in riding gear, I am able to continue my lean and can feel them lift with no ill consequences. I've spent enough years at the track and have been on my ass enough times that I have a generally good assessment of limits, when they are being exceeded, and what the consequences are. I'll take a scraping footpeg any day over less contact patch and inferior street rubber (comparatively)

You lean it far enough, any hard part (ie. the peg mount, shift lever) that that touches down in between the direct line of the front and rear of a Tiger 800 (see title of thread, not talking about track bikes here) will act as a fulcrum and lift the tires when in the apex.

Anyway, Congrats on your new Tiger, browneye. I got the white one too. You're gonna love it. As I'm working this weekend, I've been out an hour before and an hour after work putting in break-in miles. I work graveyard shift so I'll eventually post pics on some sleepless night.
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