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Day 3
The change to Central Time has my body clock screwed up and I wake up at odd times. This morning I had two thoughts racing through my brain as I lay there trying to go back to sleep. First, I am so tired of people asking me "Aren't you hot in that suit?". The temperature has been running at 100F +. I'd be hot if I were naked. And my standard reply referencing asphalt allergies is getting old as well and I can't come up with any new smart ass remarks. Second, it is really strange how the body reacts to the stress of high temps. The only thing that brings me back to life when I am overcooked is fountain Coke, not bottles, not Pepsi in any form. It's fountain Coke or nothing. And it works for me.

Since my ride west is driven by the opening and closing of Park Visitors' Centers, my departure times are adjusted to arrive as they open.

Ready to go

The ride starts out with along run down I-40 to Fort Smith. As noted the days have been REALLY warm so I find these signs very amusing. And there are a lot of them.

Finally I get to the Fort Smith National Historic Site,which is located along the Arkansas River.The park visitor center is now located in the old Barracks/Courthouse/Jail building. Exhibits in the visitor center focus on Fort Smith’s military history from 1817–1871, western expansion, Judge Isaac Parker and the federal court's impact on Indian Territory, U.S. Deputy Marshals and outlaws, Federal Indian policy, and Indian Removal including the Trail of Tears.Located on the grounds are the foundation remains of the first Fort Smith (1817–1824), the commissary building (c. 1838) and a reconstruction of the gallows used by the federal court.

Antique paddy wagon

Leaving Ft Smith it is back onto I-40 and a miserable ride3 west. The day is ride an hour, buy gas, have a drink, pour water over myself, repeat. I am very tired until the GPS tell me it is time to head North to my next Site, the Battle of Washita National Historic SIte. The site protects and interprets the setting along the Washita River where Lt. Col. George A. Custer led the 7th U.S. Cavalry on a surprise dawn attack against the Southern Cheyenne village of Peace Chief Black Kettle on November 27, 1868. The attack was an important event in the tragic clash of cultures of the Indian Wars era.

Leaving the Site I am forced to ride roads like this

The speed limit was 65mph in Oklahoma and then 70 after crossing the Texas border.

Still having a problem with pictures using the GoPro.

Tomorrow is a site in Texas and then to ABQ to rendezvous with the SoMD Adventure RIders.
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