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So here's how I plan to get into trouble with the Police:

1. Quite likely we will be overspeeding in places.....

2. The Enfield's insurance has run out. Not sure I'll have the time to get that sorted before leaving....5 days left....busy in office.

3. I may not be able to find the pollution certificate for the Honda in the paper mess at home....

4. The Honda's "number plates" are basically small computer printouts, taped over on to the fenders. I'm quite sure that's not kosher.

5. Ofcourse, the Honda has no turn signals and only a moody horn......when a cop wants to screw you these are rrelevant. Otherwise no one cares.

6. And lastly, I just saw that my driving license expired two days back......this I am SURE I wont be able to sort out before leaving.

So, months of planning down to the smallest details; maps, distances, GPS tracks, gear, equipment......and the some big things I dont bother with!

So I'm going to be a good Indian and wing's called "Dekhi jaayegi".....(We'll see) :)

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