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Not carping with your preferences whatsoever, but I'm a bit surprised you didn't care for the SW at all. Having just come off my TMAX to the SW I wasn't overly disappointed with its performance compared to the TMAX. No question the Max is more sport bike oriented but I haven't found the SW lacking in any general performance areas for my riding style. To each their own.

I have noticed that I don't have a tendency to be going faster than intended with SW - on the TMAX, that was a frequent experience. Thats probably a good thing for me

It was inexplicable that the referenced Shootout comparison (Kymco Xciting 500Ri, Yamaha TMAX, Aprilia’s Scarabeo 500ie & Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive) didn't include the SW. I'd have been curious to see the rankings were it included. Its also unfortunate that they didn't include an MP3 500, could have been a much better assessment had they included both, IMO.

My view considers the 650 Exec as a mini Goldwing - great ride but at 613 lbs. too heavy for me. I wasn't real comfortable with it on some of the tight farm roads I frequent compared to the alternatives but a buddy who owns one is perfectly happy with it and we ride the same roads. The SW nicely fits the bill for everyday rides, whether slab or backroads, for me and importantly, at 551 lbs. is at the top of my weight comfort zone.

The Max is unquestionably in a class by itself and at 489 lbs. easier to deal with, but absent ABS, it had to go. I miss it and look forward to getting another one when the ABS unit is available here in the US.

I view the 650, SW and TMAX fulfilling somewhat different, yet overlapping riding segments. They are all excellent rides - it simply depends on which one fits an individual's personal preferences. To say that one is better than the other (I'm not referring to your comments) indicates to me that the "assessor" is uninformed and lacks real world experience with the 3 scooters.

As noted previously, I've owned a TMAX & SW; my 650 experience is limited to a few hundred miles on a buddy's scooter - outstanding on the highway, super plush ride, huge power - but I could never handle/live with it due to its weight.

Its a bit amusing that some comments came from people who have never ridden or owned maxi-scooters and/or others who presume that owners of other scooters give a rat's ass what someone else rides. Such is life. Ride safe.

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