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Not carping with your preferences whatsoever, but I'm a bit surprised you didn't care for the SW at all. Having just come off my TMAX to the SW I wasn't overly disappointed with its performance compared to the TMAX.
I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I was riding a Yamaha Morphous at the time which was the most stable and smoothest two wheeled vehicle i've ever owned. It was embarrassingly slow getting up to speed but ran like a train on tracks at 65mph. After getting used to the Morphous, the Silver Wing seemed like a truck. It vibrated a lot, made more noise than I thought it should and believe it or not did not feel as stable and secure on the highway compared to the Morphous.

The bike had 800 miles on it when I bought it, Another shocker was the fuel economy. I was using it for the same daily commute which was about 30 round trip miles mostly highway. I never figured the mileage out exactly but I was putting a LOT more money into the gas tank compared to my smaller bikes... No surprise there.
I did'nt give it much of a chance. I only put a few hundred miles on it. It was mostly the vibration , more so things on the bike vibrating.. not feeling it in the seat. The CVT made lots of vibrating noise.
I thought perhaps something was off with the bike but many others who owned the bike said the same thing.
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