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Must be one of those days, because a chick on a cruiser merged in front of me today. I'm in the right lane, she's coming off the interstate. She has a yield sign and this is a very busy four lane road.
You're saying there is a yield sign at the bottom of the exit ramp for people coming off an interstate highway? I've never seen that anywhere. The yield signs I see, and they are at every off ramp, are always for the traffic on the service road to yield to the traffic coming off the ramp. And if it is a wide service road like your four laner, there are often yield signs on both the left and right sides of the service road, or the traffic coming off the ramp is funneled into a lane of it's own that has no traffic coming up behind it. It wouldn't make much sense to require traffic to stop that may quickly back up from the bottom of the ramp onto a high speed interstate just because the service road might be busy. What am I missing here?
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