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Originally Posted by Cakeeater View Post
Bingo!! We have a winner!

The most popular dog in the US is a labrador retreiver. They're big, sturdy, kinda slow at running (fast swimmers tho!!) and are amazingly easy going and mellow...after they're two years old. They are NOT sport-tourers.

When I ride my brother's ST, it seems a waste to run it below speeds that put me in peril of losing my license, and it's just not much fun to ride it at mostly legal speeds. Seems to me most ST bikes are a bridge too far...too big, too heavy, too hot to be small, too cramped and too nervous to be long-distance two-up tourers. The F-111 of motorcycles.


I don't disagree, but what is it that's caused the switch? Just the more responsive new ADV-type bikes? After all, most of us started with upright seating positions on UJMs or the like....why the rise of the ST bike in the first place, if fewer and fewer people see the point to them now? And why now? The 1100GS, Ducati Elefant, and 95-06 Triumph Tigers never set the world on fire....?
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