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Originally Posted by timk519 View Post
I'd be game to run with you again - running around in 13-75's with you was a blast!
What times are you around?
I'm on at about 8:30 AM Eastern Standard time, and I play until about noon.


Last evening I woke up early for my night shift, and the clan was really active... so i just had to see if I could fit in to a few battles with you guys. We all had a real good time, although I think the only battle both platoons made it into was one where we were on opposite sides. FPGT72 was kind enough to put up with me and platoon with me. The first battle he and I ended up in had me lagging worse than I've ever seen, even through my first two or three encounters (and kills), and I really thought the lag was going to have my tank just wander out into the open. It kept moving, turning, and going forward well after I stopped using the keys. But somehow it cleared up enough for this:
Battle: El Halluf Monday, July 02, 2012 8:07:33 PM
Vehicle: KV-5
Experience received: 2,882 (x2 for the first victory each day) (wonder what that would have been with premium?)
Credits received: 83,410
Battle Achievements: Böelter's Medal, Steel Wall, Top Gun, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker"

Edit: I got eight kills, but was sorta stressful... initially I thought our team wasn't doing anything, but in retrospect they did everything right. A team that stays alive and just holds the opfor's capping and advances at bay long enough to allow something like my KV-5 to do a flanking operation is a very good team. I always think it's kinda hilarious when a big ol' KV-5 is sweeping deep behind enemy lines alone. Our team can see I'm there on the map, but most of their team is clueless I'm back there, tunnel-vision aimed at our team on the opposite side.

FPGT72 certainly held up his end of the battles, and it was a great little platoon we had there.
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