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Originally Posted by doggrell3000 View Post
the new triumph trophy will be in usa dealer showrooms in january as a 2013 model touring bike . i have been anxiously waiting for the new triumph trophy and the pictures on the trophy website look great . i like the styling more than the honda st and the bmw k1600gt or bmw r whatever . but i am very disappointed that the new 2013 trophy will only come in silver or blue -- not an all black version . the silver and blue pics of the 2013 trophy are beautiful -- even though the bike weighs a ton . i expect a major touring bike to be super heavy . i don't want to be blown off the freeway by the first mack truck that passes by . this is not a motorcycle designed to zip around your local neighborhood or run down to kroger for some milk -- that's what the triumph bonneville is for . the trophy is made to cruise across country on mostly paved roads for a thousand miles with an occasional stop at the holiday inn . but of all companies i expected triumph to build a black version of their new major tourer . this really is a deal breaker for me . triumph does not make one single model in their entire line up that does not include an all black version -- until the new 2013 trophy comes out . what are they thinking ? is it because the bmw k1600gt is also silver or blue ? i am a black bike kind of guy . it mystifies me why people even consider owning silver or blue motorcycles . ( my apologies if your ride is silver or blue ) . there are presently no plans to build an all black 2013 triumph trophy . ( this bad news i got from a triumph rep ) . if they put an all black 2013 trophy on the showroom floor next to their lovely blue version and impressive silver version -- the dealers would sell four black ones for every single silver or blue model . please triumph you have a great new tour bike here -- don't screw up the sales potential by making it a blatant copy of bmw color schemes ( which suck btw ) . thank you for listening .... but i doubt my criticism will result in triumph actually building a new all black 2013 triumph trophy .
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dear forum

i think mr herold is correct . who cares if it resembles the bmw rt . there are still noticeable design differences between the bmw rt and the trophy . i have not ridden either bike ( yet ) but from the specs and pictures i would choose the trophy over the bmw . i am quite disappointed that the trophy does not come in black . come to think of it -- neither does the bmw rt . triumph should offer a special order black paint job for the 2013 trophy for a reasonable price . i will pay for this option . ( are you reading this triumph ? ) . thanks .

So, black then, eh?

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