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Originally Posted by toastmuncher View Post
So, by moving the swing arm forward I get more leverage and make the steering lighter right?

Been doing this ages and the geometry still confuses me.

Anyone using a metzeler K block on the front? Triple duty avon only available in 19 inch, guzzi has 18inch front.
Might be a bit tall to fit under the mudguard as they have a very a tall profile and are also a bit narrow compared to the standard tyre, but not tried one on my Cali so can't speak from experience. I currently have an Avon Roadrider 110/80 18 on the front of mine and it grips well and seems to be lasting OK. With rergard to the mounting of the swing arm, try and imagine a ling going through the steering head and project it to where it hits the ground. Now think where the contact patch is in relation to that point. The distance the contact patch is behind that point is your trail so moving the wheel forwards reduces the trail, making the steering lighter.
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