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Opportunities in a low scoring game such as last night have taken advantage of:
Case in point:
Top of the third
  • 1.Curtis Granderson called out on strikes.
  • Tampa Bay Rays Hideki Matsui left the game due to an injured leg.
  • 2.Mark Teixeira walks.
  • 3.Alex Rodriguez walks. Mark Teixeira to 2nd.
  • Coaching visit to mound.
  • 4.Robinson Cano lines into double play, pitcher Matt Moore to first baseman Carlos Pena. Alex Rodriguez out at 1st.
Two walks in a row and one out. Cano hits into a 1-1-3 DP on the first pitch. This is a wasted inning with two on for free and could have been the difference in the 1 run game even with the E-3(his first of the year BTW).

(48-31) Tough loss last night, but the rest of the A.L. East is also losing.
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