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Encyclopedia Britannica

I hafta work on team tactics too. Not so used to working with others. The Priest wouldn't hit anything last night.

That 45mm on the Valentine is not made for shooting KV-1's
Yea I really don't know how to work with others as well....not sure if I should go with the team mate, or go off somewhere else. In the platoons I have been in it has most of the time been all tanks, a few times I have platooned with arty and that is easy.

Playing with you guys is actually one of the bright spots of the day......and I seem to win more.

I know what you mean about the valentine....I had a hard time with a B1 the other day but managed to track it, then I just picked it to death....took about 15 shots or so. Same with the Churchill....I think there should be some kind of crew degradation to the enemy tank after being hit time and time again like that. You know in the real world that crew would be long gone.

What do you guys think of the T150 on the soviet side....finally researched it last night, but have not bought it yet....I want to get up to the JS series tanks......and why do they call them IS and not JS....they are Joseph Stalin series tanks....wonder if it is a russian thing.
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