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Originally Posted by FPGT72 View Post
Yea I really don't know how to work with others as well....not sure if I should go with the team mate, or go off somewhere else. ...
At first it didn't hit me as to how to reply to this when you posted earlier this morning, but now I know what I'd say.

When I platoon up with a teammate, I want and expect that whatever tank he brings, he will know and understand enough to realize its strengths and weaknesses, and to know how to play it. Be aware and be your own player enough to realize how and where you can best help your team (like, say, that KV-2 with thew slow-to-load 152mm... that's a close-up and a city tank, even if you're in a tier 8 battle, even if it means that two hits will take you down, such is the roll of the dice - might as well be of whatever help you can be). Now if that so happens to mesh with whatever tank I am driving, then you can hang if you wish and if you feel the route I am taking is correct. If you're, say, the other top-tier tank on the team beside me and you feel that your extra gun is needed at the other side (say on a Defense-side of an Assault map), then I'm fine with that.

Likewise, specialty tanks are something that if you platoon with a teammate of a similar or the same tank, they're going to just about always work better together (two AMX 13 75's (which are not to be considered scout tanks 98% of the time), for example or two Type 59's, two IS-8's, etc.). If you platoon up and we agree to run something like those, then I'd expect ultra-aggressiveness, quick-thinking and team work.

Last night when I was in a KV-5 and you were in a KV-2, I'd say you did just fine at doing what your tank was meant to do for that map. The KV-2 cannot hang with the KV-5 through thick incoming fire, but can follow if the KV-5 scouts the way, and it can certainly big a big deterrent in city maps right alongside the KV-5 for around-corner fighting.


I think it's clear that I believe in players knowing their tanks. That can mean spending a little time in training rooms... don't write them off.
It can also mean studying up on the tactics some people throw up on the forums for each specific tank. I read up on the KV-5 for a long while before ever buying one, then read more on it afterward. Same with the T25 AT, same with the 13 75, T1 HT, T29, and probably a few others.
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