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yep and yep

Originally Posted by harcus View Post
So, you removed the EL hose going into the throttle body & replaced it with a straight hose in a large sweeping radius - otherwise it is a rather tight turn.

Clean install.

Also, did you buy your filter direct from Golan?

Im not quite sure what "EL" hose is. Does that mean formed? you are correct I removed the original hose (It barely had any of a preform to it) and used a length of rubber fuel line. there is plenty of room for a sweeping radius and with it like that it is a cleaner install than original. Plus the wearing issue is gone.

I did buy direct from Golan, you can find them in Gokart race places but didnt want to hunt around. I am about to get one of there gearbox breathers and put it on to keep oil vapor out ofthe FI unit.
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