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Originally Posted by docsherlock View Post
Just out of interest, what makes you think you know better than an international company with a large marketing department? Their marketing obviously works and just because it doesn't suit you, you slag it off.

It ain't all about you, ya know.....

It IS about me! Im a confused consumer too!

For those of us who've lived with the renaming of the F650 to the G and then having a new F650 come in that's a twin and is actually closer to a 8 it seems like the answer is just out there....yet out of reach. Im a Beemer lover brother, not a hater, I just very strongly think they could have easily kept models lined up with the lineage and with a GSA line NEVER had to come up with name changes.

They have no problem with the auto series.. Just call a 650 a 650, etc and a Adventure model a GSA

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