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Here's a dumb question.

First, a preface: I consider myself a very techno-friendly rider. Meaning, I'm not at all averse to whatever 21st century gizmo can be added to the bike to make it easier or safer to ride. No, I don't want the stuff legislated, and no, I don't want it on every bike. But I like having a marketplace that supports making all the nifty gizmos and doo-dads available to the riders that want them.

With that out of the way... I can't recall any training course / motorcycle expert / experienced rider tell me anything different from "always brake progressively." Holding a baby bird, cradling an eggshell, counting "one-one thousand"-- whatever you call it, everyone says the same thing: don't grab or slam on the brakes or else bad things can happen.

Now, maybe there are instances you need to grab or slam the brakes as hard as you can (on dirt, maybe? I don't ride dirt, I wouldn't know). But on the street?

So... where are all the electronic-assisted brake options out there? It seems to me that wiring the front and/or rear brakes on a street bike with a system that resists grabbing/slamming and progressively engages the brakes no matter how hard you yank on them would avoid go a long way to avoiding this problem, no?

Alright, what's wrong with this option? Fire away...
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