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Originally Posted by outlaws justice View Post
Bikes are two wheels not four,
Really?? Hadn't noticed.

and those systems are available, they are called anti-lock brakes but they only work well in a maximum braking straight line situtation and we are talking about braking in a corner here
Sorry, I either mistyped or you misread (I'll charitably assume the former!).

ABS indeed works best in a straight line situation, but to my knowledge, works only when traction is lost, i.e. ABS kicks in the moment a wheel locks to release and re-brake.

It seems to me, however, that there may be benefit to a system that engages the brakes progressively BEFORE wheel lock is achieved and ABS would be required. Perhaps (some) bike ABS systems do this already; I'm unaware of the technical differences between the various ABS systems out there.

Again, if the ideal is to brake progressively to avoid locking and losing traction-- yes, even in cornering, thank you very much-- why not have an electronic system that addresses this problem before it becomes a problem, versus after?
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