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Originally Posted by daveinva View Post
Really?? Hadn't noticed.

Sorry, I either mistyped or you misread (I'll charitably assume the former!).

ABS indeed works best in a straight line situation, but to my knowledge, works only when traction is lost, i.e. ABS kicks in the moment a wheel locks to release and re-brake.

It seems to me, however, that there may be benefit to a system that engages the brakes progressively BEFORE wheel lock is achieved and ABS would be required. Perhaps (some) bike ABS systems do this already; I'm unaware of the technical differences between the various ABS systems out there.

Again, if the ideal is to brake progressively to avoid locking and losing traction-- yes, even in cornering, thank you very much-- why not have an electronic system that addresses this problem before it becomes a problem, versus after?
Since we now have electronic traction control which helps control wheelspin in a corner, I'm sure ABS which works in a curve will come along before too long. The drawback of these systems is that once they become commonplace people will loose the ability to ride without them and will no longer even understand the dynamics of the bikes they are riding. Just look at all the cage drivers out there unable to drive with a manual transmission, and absolutely clueless on the dynamics of driving.

Of course, plenty of riders don't really understand what they are doing so more electronic safety devices may just save their asses.
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