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Originally Posted by No False Enthusiasm View Post
Airborne School... those ain't "perfectly good airplanes"...

Those are Air Force aircraft... glad I always wore a chute.... T-10, in my day....


Nah, we just make 'em look like crap so you are more willing to fling yourselves out of 'em.....

That's also how the crew chiefs know when to add hydraulic fluid...if it ain't covered in it, that means it's out...

Alright,'s a "perfectly good built by the lowest bidder on the contract."

Of course, those T-10's were also made by the lowest bidder, just saying.

Hell, I remember packing G-12's back in the 80's that were "new", straight out of the crate..and the data panel showed they were made in 1958!
But they held up alot better than that batch we had that was made in '84..those things were crap. Blown panels left and right...
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