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Originally Posted by slideways View Post
That King Air belongs to a friend of mine, it is hotted up with special engines and props and regularly will beat the jumpers to the ground. With the right pilot at the controls. The team I was on years ago used to practice out of that plane and it was cool to watch him pass us in freefall.
Is that Mike Mullin's king air by any chance? If so, I've ridden that a few times at Quincy, it was quite a ride. Particularly when we went up to 22k', 2 mins of freefall, I won't forget that in a hurry, no formation exits just everyone hangs up their masks and gets out of the door. Pulled a couple of nice long speed stars after exit.

Quincy was a dream come true, so many crazy things to jump out of: 727 jet, upside down out of a biplane, balloons, helicopters etc. Absolute blast.
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