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Originally Posted by Stifdickerson2006 View Post
Yes, Its a switch you can buy from Trail Tech or Sicass Racing. But you plug it in under the seat. There is a plug with a dead end cap on it and it plugs in there. I am actually wondering what the additioanl plugs are behind the headlamp myself.

I live in California and bought the bike out of West Virginia had it shipped here and paid the taxes(was still cheaper than buying it in California out the door). I just received the bike 2 days ago after a 3 week wait to get it here and am in the middle of some major farkling. I did not get to ride the bike before the reprogram but actually gave the mechanic the code number from the Sicass Racing (its noted on the page for the switch) and he got back to me saying that is the euro exc map and that is the only one they can put in and it is the unlock map they use. It was the first time he had done it and took the bike for a test ride after words and said it made a huge difference. I have been riding it around town lately no offroad duty yet and it runs great just the popping on decel, I am doing the desmog kit on it this morning, I will post pics of before and after when I am done.

I am installing the HDB kit with frt and rear led blinkers looks clean and is well built but but I have to figure out how to wire in some resistors to the" blinker on light", The blinkers will only work correctly with the light out of the socket. No ground to the socket so with the light in, and signals on, all four blink like hazard lights(yes I have the led relay) but am not sure how to wire in a resistor to the lamp to stop the flow from going to the other side of the bike. BTW I am not good with electricity and can usually make it work so dont get to technical on me.
HDB has the solid state relays for the LED signals
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