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Originally Posted by Zuber View Post
Threre are 4 maps listed for the 500>>

USA, XCW > KM787US12C0701 stock, Unrestricted> KM787EU12C0701
USA, EXC > KM787US12C0651 stock, Unrestricted> KM787EU12C0701
Euro EXC, EXCF > KM787EU12C0651 stock, Unrestricted> KM787EU12C0701
Aus EXC, EXCF > KM787EU12C0701 stock, Unrestricted> KM787EU12C0701

PowerParts for aftermarket Pipe and Silencer, USA, Euro, or Aus >KM787EU12C0701 (same as original Aus and all Unrestricted),
Notes: Slipon or Silencer set Akrapovic, SLS / EPC / HEGO OFF; Without catalytic converter

Looks like the Unrestricted EU...0701 is the ticket.

>>Edit, added models and 4th map<<<
I had this map installed KM787EU120601(not on your list) on my bone stock 2012 500 XC-W.Got to ride it off road today for the first time. It is much slower of bottom and in to the midrange than the stock map. Which is kind of what I wanted for woods. This thing was a torque monster before and gave my severe arm pump in the tight stuff. Was also hoping for more high RPM power but it feels same as stock if not slower.No hit now anywhere in the power-band just flat from idle to rev limiter. Also installed the Trail-tech map switch and can tell absolutely no difference between the three settings. Overheating issue is much better however.

May try the 0701 map next. Wish the switch was a true map switch and I could instantly flip between the two maps I have had. Maybe when the Vortec comes out.
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