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I don't have a sport tour, but I sure want one. Other then the brief talk of MG Norge1200 and Suzuki GSX1250FA. No one talks or brings up Triumph Sprint GT, BMW K1300S or even the Yamaha FZ1. I would (and will soon) pick up one of these to tour on. We have great roads and places to see around MD. Plus they are all fairly good if not great at two up. Just wish there was a MG dealer closer then PA. Not for support, we have two dealers around here who are authorized to work and sell them, they just don't carry them. I just want to put a leg over one and see how it fits. I'm 6'2" at 230. I am curious though. Couldn't ANY bike be a sport tour? Not going by industry standards but personal preference. I'm not saying, just saying...
I've owned both the GSX1250FA and a BMW K1200S. At 6'2" you'll be a better fit on the K1300S than on the Suzuki. I'm also 6'2" and 200lbs and while the Suzuki worked, it got a little cramped after a few hours on the highway. Now I have an FJR and really wish I had the K12S back. While the FJR works perfectly I'm finding it's a bit more of a touring bike than I'd like.
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