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Originally Posted by No False Enthusiasm View Post
Here's a laymans calc of free fall time...

Exit Altitude: 39000 feet
Pull Altitude: 10000 feet

Free Fall: 29000 feet or about 5.5 miles

Terminal Velocity... about 120 MPH or 2 miles per minute

5.5 miles divided by 2 miles per minute equals 2.75 or 2 minutes, 45 seconds.

Given that it will a little time to accelerate to Vmax, try 3 minutes...

I'll watch from the ground... I was happy to have the static line...


PS: consider that all disclaimers to apply before attempting this jump...
I have jumped from 30,000 with a pull at 3000 canopy at 2500.

It is all fun except it is cold as a witches tit at 30,000.
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