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I'm not big on mods, I find that as human beings, we often perceive different as better. It's hard to image why the rollers in the Swing would cause issues considering Honda's vast experience designing scooters. It's also irritating to me that one should have to spend more money to address issues on a $9000 scooter.

With respect to changing out rollers, I always think of the guy on youtube who "upgraded" the rollers on his TMAX and damaged the bike when the final gearing could not handle the increase in torque caused by the lighter weights.
There was a definite shudder on the Silver Wing as the stock rollers got spinning. It didn't last long and was not awful, but I put in the sliders and it went away. I agree with you on a lot of mods, but this is definitely better than stock. I can't even say that the sliders would benefit all bikes, but it is a common upgrade for the Swing because it is great at smoothing out the bike.

I put in 2g lighter weights, but I don't know how much that really changed the bike. I could have easily put in sliders that were the same weight as stock but I thought, best case scenario, I added a bit of speed on my takeoffs.
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