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Originally Posted by Rider View Post
I've come to the rather inescapable conclusion that sport touring motorcycles are among the rarest forms of transportation on Earth.
No matter where I go - unless it's to a bike rally - they are invisible. Nowhere to be found. On a motorcycle trip recently on my FRJ1300 covering about 1,400 miles I spotted ...
  • Probably 3 BMW R1200RTs
  • 1 BMW K1200S
  • 1 BMW R1100RT
  • 1 BMW R1150RT
  • 1 Triumph Sprint
  • 2 Honda ST1300s
  • 1 Honda ST1100
  • 1 Kawasaki Concours14
  • A couple of "I can't quite make that one out"s
In all those miles. In great motorcycle country.
The rest were old beat standards, dirt bikes, Gold Wings and, of course, Harleys.
Thousands and thousands and thousands of Harleys.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
But it really brought home to me once again, after riding for so many years, that the sport tourer is an odd bird that defies convention and appears not to appeal to very many people, which I find puzzling. To me, they're bikes that do so many things well (as long as it's on pavement).
What's your theory as to why sport tourers don't sell very well?
Just so I don't go completely off topic, there are ST riders out there, but I agree they're not all that common. My street bike history is 92 TDM850, 95 GPZ1100, 99 VFR800, 02 CBR1100XX, 06 K1200S, 11 GSX1250FA, 07 FJR1300. Until the FJR I definitely leaned toward the sport side of the equation and now, though the FJR works well, it's really bigger and heavier than I would like. Unfortunately, I live in the flat lands and need a machine that can eat up some interstate on the way to a fun road so pure sport machines are out, the fact that I'm 50 now isn't helping either.

I don't see myself going to an ADV bike. I probably can't completely rule one out because I've never ridden one, but they seem really top heavy and I don't particularly care for the look either. Just give me a good, sporty all-around motorcycle.
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