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What did you use for O2? O2 in the plane, walk to the door with a mask on and then jump free without O2? TUC up there is about 35 seconds. I suppose, if you weren't exceptionally fit, you could go under or brown out, but supposedly would reawaken in the low 20's, or you'd just barely miss the going out because you could be in the mid 20's in 40-45 seconds. In any case it would have been quite the trip.

If you're in protected or some sort of reserved airspace is it legal to jump through cloud decks? That would be fun; jump from 20,000 ft or so, and go through a stratus at 11,000 ft and come out at 6,000 feet. It might not be legal, but someone has done it, and not someone who's had to eject. I did read an account of someone who bailed out in a century series fighter at some high altitude with a automatic chute deployment, only to find himself tangled up in a thunderstorm, taking him violently up and down for along time mostly unconscious - enough to freeze the moisture in his eyes, etc.

By the way, Slideways, your pictures are excellent.
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