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"Well are you? How much is enough? What oil do I use?

These are all questions that are commonly asked here. You may find many answers, Some old school, some conservative, some safe. Yet for the most part is seems that many tend to err on the old school rules here that no longer apply and in fact is is costing you money in both higher maintenance and wasted product.

I will not even get into environmental concerns here, as it is a secondary issue, yet not forgotton.

Now we are talking trials bikes here, mostly putting about, revving a bit on occasion, then you gotta doo the BIG hill and the bike starts smoking like a chimney! Why, you ask? Because it is fully loaded in the motor and exhaust with all the wasted oil that you have accumulated from the day, or more that has accumulated in there and may never get out really, just turns to grunge that stops up your mid box and muff because it does not move.

It cannot because it is lacking in two respects, these being air Velocity, to which the motor has not maintained through large throttle openings during the ride, the average here being not over half throttle at best, and the other being Heat transferred into the exhaust under high engine loads such as the hillclimb(at half or more).

Fact is that most simply do not even grt the bike into a mode of operation to use the oil that you put in! The rest as bogging waste!

Now, I shall start off by example of the fact that our(Sherco) Pro riders here have used the mix of 80:1 of high quality synthetic for over a decade now I believe, and without issue.Now these lads do get some revs in the bikes on a regular basis and tend to keep some heat in the motor and exhaust. Do you ride at top level? Most do not even come close!

Ok, so I can be like them and run 80:1!!! Well, y'hat is a start for some! Mind you we are not doing consistant high revs and road work here at speeds. Just normal passages between sections and such with some hills and vals and some hard running, yet even hard runs up long hills and things are fine.

You got any long runds up a mountainside? Few again!

Comment as you will. I shall get back on this later!"

Above posted on a UK trials chat forum, and is relatively accurate other than the fact the writer does not point out its not that great an idea to use dual purpose (pre-mix-autolube) "fully synthetic" oils at very lean mix ratios, so its a post which simply adds to the very obvious confusion over 2T oils, and will mean most of those running too much oil for best possible running, are likely to continue to do so.
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