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Originally Posted by Hay Ewe View Post
Please tell more, pics as well?

Hay Ewe
I went in '98, so no digital camera and very few film shots. However, this is me hanging off the Pitts S2, moments before letting go.

and this is my 100th jump which I did at the event, a 2 point 8way. I'm in the yellow/red/blue suit nearest camera.

Jumping the 727 was really interesting. It's a cargo 727 where you get in the big side door and every one sits down in rows. The aircraft does 2 passes with half the passengers getting out on each pass. You go out of the airstair door at the back, they screw plywood over the steps and everyone does a shuffle run out the door to get everyone out as quick as possible, you basically keep a gentle hold on the rig of the person in front of you and keep moving. A couple of steps on the ramp and you're away. You exit into a bubble of still air and as you drop through it the slipstream takes hold of you and fires you out, it's utterly hilarious, the slipstream is about 230mph horizontal and you gradually slow down to about 120mph vertical speed.

This isn't me but this is what it looks like.

Yes, I have an official DB Cooper number

The jump from 22k', we put on oxygen masks at 10k then at 22k' the light goes on, you take the masks off and hang them up then open the door and quickly exit.

A rough guide to how long a freefall takes is that the first 1000' takes 10 seconds then it's 5 seconds per thousand feet thereafter to pull height.
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