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Wire rope crankshaft holder

Maybe not a McGyver moment but I had to torque a crankshaft bolt on my Grand National to 310 lb-ft. with no way to keep the motor from turning.

Didnít want to risk stuffing rope into a cylinder to lock the motor. First tried to use a piece of 1Ē dia EMT pipe with the end notched and wedged between one harmonic balancer bolt and the floor.

Lifted the car up off of both jack stands with torque wrench, cold sweat emerged when one of them shifted out of place, managed to kick it back in place and let car down since I was on a creeper under the car at the time.

Waited for heart rate to drop below 100 then looked for some wire rope, ran it through a hole in the harmonic balancer and tied it to the frame, was able to torque the bolt no problem.

Iíve been home on vacation this week sick as a dog, but am now fully prepared to fix absolutely anything, since I have read every post in this great thread.

Keep it going.

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