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Originally Posted by Rocky TFS View Post
Sorry Dan, that isn't quite accurate. If you create a route in BaseCamp in any activity mode, but change the route activity to direct before sending it to the Montana, it will be editable and reversable.

However, that route will still be subject to the differences between how BC autoroutes and the Montana autoroutes.....this has been driving me crazy!

In spite of everything I have learned here, I still can't predict with any accuracy when the Montana is going to do something weird with my carefully edited BC route. Many times it does exactly what I think it should, sometimes it does something nonsensical from my point of view.

Oh well, it's still a great moto GPS.
My grammar was quite poor. Sorry for that. Along-road Routes can be edited on the Montana only if they were created on the Montana. Direct Routes can always be edited no matter where they were created.

I too have had no problem with the Montana recalculating any of my transferred Along-road routes (maps being equal).

I do still "test" my transferred routes by creating a Track of the Route before transfer and using both the Route and Track on the Montana when navigating if the routing is critical - to me.

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