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Originally Posted by atlas cached View Post
Which Data Field were you using?

The 'Elevation' data field is based on barometer input.

The 'Elevation Above Ground" or "GPS Elevation" data fields may provide better results, without need of calibrating your barometer each use.

Also, if [Setup | Altimeter | Auto Calibration | Yes] is selected, the barometer should auto calibrate each time you power the Montana on.

Thanks for the input. I do have " Elevation" selected in the data field. The term " elevation" usually refers to an elevation regardless of barometric pressure which is why I selected it. I did suspect that Garmin had somehow coupled this to the units barometer. I will try your suggestion and see if that works.

Since the unit has the abilty to display barometric pressure and it has an " auto calibrate " function, then one variable it needs to know is actual elevation for it to calibrate. I will try your suggestion when I get home.

Thanks again.
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