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Originally Posted by moto-treks View Post
Tune done and again WOW! I can't believe what a difference this filter makes. The 990 has all sorts of power from 3k to redline.

Some details.

My 990 is a 2010 Adv with a Remus Revolution TI 2 into 1 exhaust. I had been running the 2011 R map which helped the top end when compared to the standard ADV map. When I installed the CPR filter I knew I would be getting more air so I loaded the European 2011 R "Akropovic" map (KM601EU1180232Map.hex). These maps are known to put extra fuel into the system and on inspection in TuneECU, it did.

Nels, from 2 Wheel Dyno works, put the bike on the dyne and after a few runs said the fuel map was really very good for the setup. He decided to leave it as is and "smooth" out the ignition advance. After working on that he needed to add a bit more fuel based on ignition adjustments. Then he said, I got about 10 more HP with that change, take it for a test ride and let me know what you think.

Well, just putting the CPR on made a huge difference in power and the modifications Nels made to the map was another big boost

I rode 280 miles to get to Nels and another 100 after so I had time to do a before/after seat-of-the-pants comparison and what a difference the new map makes. The 990 pulls so strong now it's simply amazing. Passing is effortless - just open the throttle.

Tomorrow I take the moto off-road so I'll see how that work - I'm betting I'll need a bit more throttle control

If you're installed the CPR on your 990, I would load the Akropovic map. I guessing that if you're not running a 2 into 1, then you will need to add fuel too. I'd also suggest you take the bike to a Dyno and get a custom Tune if for no other reason then to ensure that you are not hurting the motor.
Do you have a dyno graph?.

And i also did noticed that the AKRA map isn't that bad in combo with the CPR filter.
At my bike between 3500-5500rpm it is almost 1:1 only before and after that rpm are some changes.
'10 990SMT
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