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It was nice being "home" after all these years. Technically Marietta Ga. is my home but this will always be home too.

I spent a nice evening with my parents and has a great ice cream sunday to make up for the dessert I didn't have at the Chinese place.

After a good nights sleep, I got up had breakfast and washed my scooter. It needed it after 5 days on the road and 1360 miles. Then I decided to go for a little ride and get out of my mom's hair since she had a lot to do.

I decided to ride out to Chagrin Falls, Oh. Back in around 1979 I worked out there for about six months and it was a very enjoyable drive. It was scenic and even had some nice curves which I enjoyed back then even though I was driving a cage. This time I would be on two wheels

It was a nice ride but unfortunately I have been spoiled by years of riding some of the best roads in the country. The curves and scenery here just don't compare. On top of that, I had to miss on of my favorite parts of the ride due to a bridge being out. The detour took me down County Line road which was probably the roughest road I had ridden on the entire trip and that included the dirt roads. I took a pic but it doesn't show what poor condion the road was in.

A dual sport or adventure bike would be a good choice around here since many of the roads were in bad condition.

When I got to Chagrin falls, I went and checked out the Paper Mill I used to work at.

It's been closed for many years but the building is still there.

Normally there is more water but it's been an extremely dry couple of months.

There used to be a part of the mill on the right side of the river here but it was removed many years ago and there is no sign that there ever was a building there.

I barely recognize this place now but I used to work 5-7 days a week, sometimes 16 hours a day here. It was one of the most miserable places I ever worked, but it was also one of the best places I could have worked since it motivated me to go back to school and actually pass all my classes.

Still it's sad to see so much of our industry shut down and result in old abandoned buildings like this.

Perhaps this place still has a future.

I have seen old places like this successfully converted in other places.
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