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I ride every day in Los Angeles, I keep my eye out for blind spots and my left thumb spends a lot of time hovering over the horn button. I never tailgate (be it in any of my cages or on the bike) and I watch other traffic like a hawk. I watch my blinds on/in everything, I even have 2" convex spot mirrors on both of the KLR mirrors.

As for stupid shit the most common thing I see (aside from excessive speed) is irresponsible lane splitting. I split lanes often but I will only do it in situations where if I get taken out I'll just end up really pissed off as opposed to really dead. If I hit third gear traffic is moving fast enough to tuck back in.

Another thing that annoys me is passing across double yellows and on shoulders (you see that a lot with squids on any of the big name twisty roads here). It really bothers me when I see Senior Squid and his buddy Captain Shittyrider pass a car at the same time, one on the wrong side of a double yellow on a blind curve, the other on the shoulder. They don't seem to realize that a natural reaction when you suddenly hear a loud sport bike on your left is to move right.

My watching my blinds and paying attention to traffic saved a graybeard some trouble over Memorial day weekend. I was in one of my Jeeps coming up to the turnoff to my campsite on the Western Divide Highway when this moron decides to pass me against the double yellow.. As I was slowing down with my left turn signal on..

Here's the spot

I had to abort the turn and turn around up the road, I noticed his fellow big man HD rider friends doing the same fucking thing to my father in his Jeep behind me (same scenario too, slowing for turn, signal on), I called out on the radio and warned him in time, they passed and he made the turn.

That still annoys me if you can't tell.
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