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Great vid, you can see the brake light & turn combine, also the wide entry, tight exit with the throttle coming on as described in the previous post right at the maximum tipping point when he is lined up for the next cone. Nice to hear the bike when he does the 360's, same revs as he approaches the exit & just a dab of brake to continue turning but maintaining the same revs.

With the bigger bikes I think the wait, wait, wait bit is the hardest, at the stage I'm at that is when I feel the bikes weight & my sphincter snaps shut & eyes pop out.

The info I posted about turning was based on a 90o corner so I guess a 180o would shift the apex to the point were you are on a dead or neutral throttle otherwise the bike would run to wide.

I'm loving this, I have never thought so much about how to ride a bike in over 30 years.

On that note, I'm off to waste some petrol in the sunshine.
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